We’re a Swedish creative consultancy & agency based in Shanghai. We started TOMORROW with a simple but compelling question: Where do you want to be tomorrow? This question drives us to challenge ourselves and our clients to embrace the future, and always be a day ahead.

Our Creative Consultancy delivers brand and communication strategies, while our Creative Agency delivers digital campaigns and platforms.

We believe in creative work that is empowering, innovative, smart and simple. Reach out to us for recent case studies.

We’re a team of 30 digital-natives from across the world, working in a beautiful office that gives us the freedom to do our best work. We foster progressive thinking among and beyond ourselves, and frequently host events on the future of creativity, innovation and work.

We turn creativity into business for global brands, including Converse, Absolut, Burberry, Peet’s Coffee, Sam’s Club and TAG Heuer.


Our talented multicultural and dedicated team with their diverse skill sets, bring new ideas and approaches.

  • Alberto Rader

    Art Director

  • Annie Tang

    Business Director

  • Ariel Hong

    Account manager

  • Daisy Tang

    Art Director

  • Eugene Fang


  • Eva Zhu

    Account Manager

  • Jade Li

    Account Manager

  • Jessica Jiang

    Office assistant

  • Jimmy Adams

    Creative Director

  • Joseph Guo


  • Mimi Kuo

    Graphic Designer

  • Rachel Xie

    Senior Account Executive

  • Rogier Bikker


  • Sean Jiang

    Graphic Designer

  • Shadow Xu

    Account Manager

  • Shirina Xi


  • Vlad Alukhanov


  • William Lin

    Digital Designer